After 9 months of going back and forth in the lab, in late 2016 we launched Froot Razberi. That's right, we started with just one flavour - and according to our customers, it was pretty damn good! Having gained popularity across the East Coast of the USA, we decided to set sail across the Atlantic and offer our prized asset to our friendly European neighbours. We were welcomed with open arms and are forever thankful to all of our European Distributors & customers who have given us nothing but positive feedback.

Five months later our mixologists were at it again and gave birth to Bango, the next in line to the ever so loved Razberi. Thankfully Bango didn’t disappoint and our customers can’t get enough of the Banana Mango blend that gives you that summer feeling all day long!

Creating two great juices has brought a high level of expectation. With our customers demanding more, we knew that we needed a third flavour that would complete the range and do us proud. In late 2017, Lykee was released. A tangy Kiwi flavour mixed with a sweet lychee… Ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to say that we’ve done it again!

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